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Zone 23

Author: C. J. Hopkins
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ZONE 23 … a darkly comic dystopian satire about being human, all-too-human, featuring two of the most endearing Anti-Social anti-heroes that ever rebelled against the forces of Normality. Set in the post-catastrophic future, in a peaceful, prosperous, corporate-controlled society where all dissent and non-conformity has been pathologized, and the human race is being genetically corrected in order to establish everlasting peace on Earth, Zone 23 is a hilarious, heartbreaking affirmation of the anarchic human spirit, and a defiant departure from the norms of both the genre sci-fi and literary novel.


Critical acclaim for C. J. Hopkins’ previous award-winning work …

“A brilliant (and hilarious) critique of the emptiness of American life and the meaninglessness of the popular culture that attempts to fill the void.” — Toronto Globe & Mail

“A blistering revelation … Hopkins’ body of work owes a huge debt to the absurdists and so manages to blast beyond the merely political or allegorical to the existential.” — Time Out New York

“Sharp, brilliant, intense, fast-moving, made for the moment we live in … a portrait of a culture caught in a strange and painful paradox between progressive and reactionary attitudes.” — The Scotsman, Edinburgh

“A feral ferris-wheel of comedy, confusion, contradiction, obfuscation and bent-out-of-shape straight talking that leaps out of the room at you and harnesses you to its mischievous mindset.” – Metro, UK

“America’s relationship with consumerism and the media is unerringly skewered.” — The Times, London

“Hilariously at odds with the mainstream, and much bigger and deeper than the sum of its apparent parts.” — The Herald, Scotland

“Stimulating and thought-provoking … a welcome addition to the canon of all things absurd and beautiful.” — The List, Edinburgh

“A gripping satire, which spills into sinister weirdness.” — Die Tageszeitung, Berlin

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