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False Pandemics

Author: Wolfgang Wodarg
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False Pandemics: Arguments Against the Rule of Fear

Fear endangers health. Knowledge strengthens the defenses – against viruses, dangerous propaganda, and lies. Pharmaceutical companies and virologists have already tried to mislead millions of people with false pandemic alarms for the swine and bird flu. The doctor, politician, and former member of the Bundestag, Wolfgang Wodarg, substantially thwarted these plans at the time and is taking an unequivocal position today: “We are currently experiencing an immense crime against humanity. Obviously, those profiting from the coronavirus are not driven by concern for the environment and our health, nor by emancipation or protection against global warming. Their driving force is, as it was long before, their sick greed for wealth, monopolies and power.”

Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, the man who helped uncover the swine flu fraud, exposes the pandemic as a coup from above, controlled by the vaccination mafia and the techno-elite. His book is an indispensable guide – to true solidarity, real democracy and a health care system that serves not sick capital interests, but people.

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